Wednesday, 1 July 2009


We went on a not-so-traditional British road trip over the weekend, and that involved a lot of sitting in traffic. I was really looking forward to riding in to work today and leaving the car behind, and the weather is fantastic. But- I got a late start this morning, I felt a bit guilty for leaving a fussy baby at home with my wife, and I was having trouble enjoying the nice day. Then as I was biking along the Tay, I saw a flock of Dolphins jumping around. What a mood brightener- I watched them for five minutes or so, not sure if they were just playing or eating delicious fishes. Anyway, good commute, although my shoes are starting to make squeaking sounds when they get wet.

Also, I've been entered in a 50 mile mountain bike race in Wisconsin in September. I may need to start biking twice a week to get more training in- also need to find a good loop with lots of long steady hills.


  1. Dolphins? How cool is that? I love seeing animals on my rides. Pretty sure dolphins won't be happening, though.

  2. I think this is probably the only time I'll see them too- pretty rare sight in this particular firth, from what I gather. Usually it's just hawks and grouse that I see, so this was a nice surprise.