Thursday, 18 June 2009

almost two weeks off

I didn't bike for almost two weeks- weather, work and visiting family conspired against me. I went eight months without biking, and now that I've started up again two weeks felt like a thousand years. Strange.

Handlebar observation:
I like the handlebars on my bike. They're On-one Mary bars. I first heard of these when they were mentioned on fatcyclist. At the time I remember thinking they looked really stupid. They came stock on the bike though, and I thought I'd give them a shot before inevitably swapping them out. Turns out they work for me really well; neat! While I generally prefer riding mountains to roads, the variety of hand positions on road bars is really something wonderful. I used to get hand numbness with my almost-flat mountain bars. Not on these things- very comfortable for longer hauls, pretty agile in tight stuff, and positioned well to haul on when mashing up a hill. I am a convert.

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