Monday, 25 May 2009

that was long

Today was the first bike commuting day! Round trip was just under 40 miles. I would have given Dick Cheney a backrub for a snickers bar at about mile 34. It's a good thing the route is extremely pleasant and almost totally off-road, since I spin out at about 14 mph with my current gearing and this took a while. Probably just do this once a week.

The route went by WWII fortifications, a fishing town, a forest path system, a 12th century church, and RAF base, and the teebox of the 18th hole at St Andrews' Old Course. Some of the trails I rode:
I mean, by any measure this is a really nice commute. Only a mile or two were on roads with any level of traffic. I think a cyclocross bike would be the most efficient- it's about 2/3 pavement and the rest is dirt paths of various smoothness levels. I certainly wouldn't want road tires. Commuting this route by bike isn't about efficiency though- the traffic is minimal so a car is clearly the way to go if you need to get there fast (public transport is adequate but really expensive). I think Sheldon Brown said something like 'if you're in a hurry, why are you on a bike?'- that sums this commute up. It's healthy and it's fun, and it makes the day a bit better.


  1. Looks like a very nice ride, and much longer than my commute... even when I stretch my ride out,I only go about 10 miles each way. Congrats on a good start. Dick Cheney's back... shudder.

  2. On further reflection, I rescind the offer of a Cheney rub.

    I think 10 miles is about where I started to think 'This is really great, but I should probably be at work by now'.